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BSMG SHIPPING MAURITANIA GROUP are not alone, but we are the best in Mauritania in various areas such as sea, air and land transport services

We have Executed the ten most important logistics projects in Mauritania in the last three years


Works carried out:

Fourty years of experience but let the achievements of the last three years speak about us

  • 2018: The delivery of 7000 tonnes of pipes and iron for the port of Ndiago for the benefit of the client CNTC

  • 2019:  the delivery of 1400 containers in 2019/2020 for the Indian company named KALPA TARU for Power lines project between Nouakchott – Nouadhibou.

  • 2019: The delivery of 150 Containers and heavy generators for the company SOMELEC, extension of Nouadhibou which was done by the company Wärtsilä

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  • 2019: The delivery of 14 giant wind turbines for the company Gamesa which have been unloaded from the ship BBC bergin

  • 2020: The delivery of 400 containers to the Tiguent site for the benefit of the company Kalpataru with a great professionalism

       Delivery of heavy generators for the benefit of the Somelec

  • 2020 Delivery of 120 containers for the benefit of TASIAT with various suppliers

  • Delivery of many containers for Eiffage via our subsidiary in Morocco, African Energy, a subsidiary of BSMG in cooperation with the French company INTELOG

  • 2020 Delivery of heavy generators to the SOMELEC Company in Tidjikja 600 km from Nouakchott

  • 2020 Delivery of 2000 containers for the benefit of the local market in cooperation with various agents and networks

  • January 2021 Unloading of 62 containers of hazardous materials with a load of 1,700 tonnes at the port of Nouakchott and its shipment to Bamako (Capital of Mali) 1,432 km from Nouakchott

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In the field of export:


  • 2019/ 2020:  Export of 1300 containers from the port of Nouadhibou for the benefit of the Boca factory

  • Transport and export of heavy Excavators for the company Kalpataru to Bamako, 1400 km from Nouakchott

  • Export of marine materials in cooperation with Limrup to Italy


Vessels Consignment and unloading:


Fourty ships were unloaded and received in 2019 - 2020,

We specialize in unloading ships without cranes, we own a professional team with experience in safe unloading


2019/2020: We provided Protective Agent services for 40 vessels

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2020: Full customs clearance and delivery of 1000 air cargos in cooperation with different networks  


Trust BSMG and you will know your choice is right


We have carried out transports of many containers, worth $ 300,000, in 2020 for the agents of the different networks with which we work, and we have transferred them to the source (and we have certificates that prove this)


BSMG has discharged the cargo of MV 03/03/2021 SLOMAN DISCOVER on 03-03-2021, the cargo was about heavy electrical equipments for the mining projects executed by Tasiat Mauritania limited 
BSMG team was ready to discharge the cargo and loading on trucks with a professionnalisme way and BSMG got a congratulation certificate from the receivers

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