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BSMG knows very well that the quick respond is the key of all maritime and Air operations and we know that  the client need to get a quick feedback on time requied because each moment can bring new changes,

In BSMG, we have created a strong and permenent team working in 24 hours basis using all the type of communication tools such as emails, whatsapp, mobiles and LinkedIn 

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Zein Abidine Mounire


- 15 years experince in the management of seashipment and airshipment operations with the customs clearance 
- He speak fluently many languages 

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Operations Manager: Salem Ahmedou

10 years experince in site operations, logistics and ships agency management 


5 years experience in construcion and road projects managment 


Speak English, French and Arabic language

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Mariem Ahmed

Administrative and accounting

- 5 years experince in managment of sea and air shipment operations - She speak many languages

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Med Bewah 

40 years experince in customs clearance 

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Ahmed Salem Heibe


40 years experince in 

customs clearance 

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Mahmoud Fall

30 years experince in 

customs clearance

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Cheikh Elkebir

10 years experince in logistics 

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Moulay Ely

10 years experince in 


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Salah Dine

10 years experince in Safety

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